process 1sketch

The sketch is the beginning of a harpoon. This is the most important step. This step simplifies the actual appearance of the model animal. At this step, we concentrate on the harmony of the simplification of the whole silhouette and the expression of the personality of the animal.

process 2mock-up

HALFTOYS are not toys to see, but toys to play with. These toys divide the skin in half, and you can enjoy playing and disassembling the bones. We study to make users enjoy more fun, safe, and easy way. The pressure during assembly, the friction between the bones, the durability of the material, and the intuitive structure are adjusted by the mock-up process.

process 3manufacture

HALFTOYS are particularly sensitive to the production process, to provide reasonable prices and good quality toys. We study the best production methods to keep the design of the harpoon and focus on reducing unnecessary elements so that we can provide them at a reasonable price.

process 4provide

HALFTOYS concentrate on every contact you make with the user. There are moments when you first find a toy in a store, check the package for information, and open the package. We want to give users a special and enjoyable experience for each of those moments.