Design : World series


World series Design Feature

HALFTOYS are designed with a constant design formula, created at the end of many trials and errors. Based on the basic concept, the theme will be divided.And in that theme, various kinds of HALFTOYS are designed. Various Half Toys are designed with one theme. And these themes are consistent with the basic concept. In this way, the HALFTOYS vary but have a consistent design.

1. minimal

HALFWORLD is a theme that models animals. Minimize the shape of the animal by points, lines, and faces. Focus on the overall silhouette, not the small part of the animal.

2. alike

HALFWORLD toys have a simplified silhouette, Each represents the individuality of the animal.

Like the gills and fins of a shark, the mane and tail of a lion, the teeth and legs of a dinosaur, It expresses the individuality of animals in a silhouette in a balanced manner.

3. bone

The most interesting feature of the HALFTOYS is that you can take out the bones.

Halfworld toys all have their own bones. Bones designed based on real animal bones give life to the Half World series.

A Variety of bones

The bones of animals are developed to suit the characteristics of the species and have various forms.

The most important head, body and legs. Tails, wings, and fins for center. You can see bones such as teeth, horns, and claws for survival.

4. color

The color of the toys in the HALFWORLD is based on the color of the actual animal.

Simplify the colors of animals, organize them in several ways, extract them, and apply them to toys.


5. pattern

A single HALFTOYS has only a unique color. However, based on the basic color, various patterns are applied. The various patterns accept different tastes and emotional demands.

6. play ground

HALFWORLD toys have different environments.

The basic package of the half world includes a diorama made of paper. Each HALFTOYS has its own diorama. And you can expand these dioramas into a large diorama by combining several. You can make the land where the HALFTOYS live.

And you can download more diverse, editable diorama drawings from the homepage.


7. combination structure

The joint structure of outer shell and bone is an important factor. It is tightly coupled, but is designed to be easily disassembled with a small force. Bumps of the surface that abut against each other, and the slide structure of the bones make it possible.